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Hardev Singh! In the world of Art, Advertising and especially in the field of Photography this name is identified to a person who has the in born art and ability to capture and create mood, atmosphere and ambience of a visual on to digital or film through his camera’s lens (his third eye !), as conceived, imagined or interpreted by his clients to him on order to create the perfect picture.

Having more than 2 decades of experience in the field of large format photography he has a trail of happy clients for whom, he has relentlessly and whole heartedly been shooting Architecture (Interior and exterior), industrial, advertising and product photography. No wonder due to his dedication and never ending desire to improve on his “perfect shot” he has been rightly chosen and proclaimed by SINAR (the finest large format camera manufacturer) for his work as one of the seven Architectural Photographers in the world by dedicating a write up of him and his work in their official SINAR special edition book.

All his experience, devotion and the blessing of the almighty have resulted in the creation of some of the finest temple pictures ever taken.


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